The epitome of elegance and cutting-edge technology.

We have had the privilege of working with various smart home technologies, but few have left such a lasting impression as Lutron products. From their innovative lighting solutions to their seamless integration capabilities, Lutron has consistently proven to be a standout choice for both homeowners and professionals alike.  

1. Upgrade with Ease

Lutron stands out for its commitment to backward compatibility and interoperability. If you have an older Lutron Illumination or Interactive system, there are upgrade paths tailored to your needs without requiring a complete keypad replacement. This is especially crucial in the UK post the halogen lamp ban.

Many clients encounter issues with older systems when transitioning to LED lamps, causing flickering or dimming challenges. The solution involves selectively upgrading dimming modules and the core processor, avoiding the expense of a full system replacement.

2. Retrofit Options

Lutron ensures that their wireless systems match the stability and performance of wired options. Have confidence in retrofit wireless lighting or blinds solutions stems from this commitment, providing stability comparable to hard-wired systems.

Unlike common compromises in the industry for wireless solutions, Lutron's Pico Keypads, Palladiom, and Triathlon Blinds demonstrate a remarkable lack of compromise, consistently delivering impressive results when integrated into existing homes during upgrades.

3. Sleek Keypad Design

Lutron offers a diverse selection of keypads and finishes widely appreciated in the design community. The standout Alisse Keypad, available in three configurations and various finishes, particularly captivates in its metal Champagne finish.

Custom engraving with words or symbols tailored to room scenes enhances the personalized touch. Collaborating with Focus SB ensures a seamless match between Alisse keypad finishes and a range of complementary electrical accessories.

4. Natural Light & Wellbeing

Lutron enables the implementation of Circadian Lighting, a health-focused strategy in lighting design. By aligning with the 24-hour human circadian rhythm, the system, coupled with automated window treatments, prioritizes well-being at home. Research indicates that electric light can influence the circadian rhythm's impact on health. Through Lutron programming, you can fine-tune intensity and color to closely mirror the natural circadian rhythm, such as using warmer whites during sunrise and bedtime, and cooler whites midday for increased alertness.

5. Energy Efficiency

Opt for a Lutron Lighting Control System to cut energy consumption. Dimming, instead of on/off switching, reduces usage by up to 9%. Scenes like 'all off' prevent unintentional lights left on in vacant rooms. Lutron's top-notch LED dimming modules, known for their high performance, enhance energy efficiency, making LED a standard in all installations.


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