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A Control4 Smart Home System coordinates the technology in your life into complete, brilliant experiences — interactions that fit your lifestyle and are easy for your family to enjoy. With one touch, Control4 home automation can dim the lights, play music, turn up the heat, lock the doors and arm the security system. Or, have your house respond to your schedule and needs, without touching anything at all.

Why we choose to work with Control4

A Control4 operating system coordinates virtually all the connected devices in your home to create a personalised experience with solutions that maximize your comfort, convenience, entertainment, and peace of mind.  With the help of Surrey AV Solutions, it’s easy to update and adapt your home to your changing needs today and in the future. Simple, reliable, and user-friendly.

What Control4 can do for you

You can connect all your smart devices to work in unison, delivering a truly intelligent smart home experience that makes life more convenient, safe, and enjoyable.

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    Control4 User Interfaces

    If you choose to install a Control4 system, you have a wide variety of cost-effective end user interfaces available for home control.

    We would recommend the standard SR260 handheld remote controller for any TV zone. This is a hard buttoned remote which would take the place of all the other remotes you would traditionally find in your TV room. It is intuitive to use and very cost effective. This comes with or without a recharging cradle. There is also the Neeo Remote which is a Wi-Fi device which has an interactive colour touchscreen.

    You then have the Control4 application for any smart device such as an iPad/iPhone/PC/Android device. This is a free app and you simply need your Control4 username and password to access your system. You need to be connected to the Wi-Fi network to access this without a 4Sight subscription.

    Control4 also have their in-wall and portable touch screen range which are very popular – 8″ and 10″ touchscreens are available in black or white.

    Every Control4 controller comes with a Navigator menu. This can be viewed on your TV screen and it allows you to select what you would like to do – i.e. watch/listen for example and then navigate the menu directly on the screen. The Control4 screen is the same on all devices so it is intuitive for people of any age to use and enjoy.

    Multi-Room AV with Control4

    We can design a home technology system for you with multiple rooms that have TVs and music. The only visible equipment you will see in the rooms will be the physical TVs and speakers alongside any Control4 devices. All the equipment will be cabled back to a central AV Rack.  This would then house the Control4 equipment required to provide you with a simple to use multi-room system.

    Control4 have their own range of Triad amplifiers and audio matrices. Paired with the Control4 EA controllers this will provide you with a number of streams of built-in music from services such as Tidal, Deezer, Napster, Amazon Music and more. In addition to this you can use Spotify Connect or Airplay to directly stream to a room using your own iOS device. The Control4 system allows you to group rooms into party zones if required or assign rooms to scenes. So for example you could have a ‘breakfast scene’ which turns on the Kitchen to Radio 2 at the same time as switching on the lights and opening the curtains.

    If you already have in-ceiling speakers installed in your property we can enable these and add them to a wider Control4 system. We can also deploy a Blustream Video over IP solution controlled by Control4 in your property if you have multiple TV’s and you would like to share your Sky Q Boxes or Apple Tv’s to multiple screens.

    At Surrey AV Solutions we can design and install a multi-room AV system which enables you to listen to music and watch TV in any room.

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    Control4 Lighting

    Control4 Lighting has two ways in which to introduce smart lighting into your home.

    Control4 has its own wired lighting control range which keypads, enclosures and lighting modules which we can use to provide you with an intelligent Control4 lighting control system. This system would be cabled in a different manner to a conventional, traditional lighting system so it is ideal for new build properties. It is a modular system which consists of the main enclosure, and then a number of dimming modules, 0-10v dimming modules or switched, relay modules. The number of modules depends upon the number of circuits within the lighting installation and the loadings on each of these circuits.

    Control4 also have a comprehensive retrofit solution with a range of keypads with built in dimming or relay controls. Supplemented by in-line ‘pucks’ you can upgrade any existing traditional lighting system to a modern lighting control system with intelligent keypads in place or traditional light switches or dimmers.

    A lighting control system allows you to have independent control over every lighting circuit in your property. You can then group these circuits into ‘scenes’ and programme buttons on keypads to reflect scenes which you regularly use on a daily basis. For example, you can have a scene for watching a movie where the lights dim to a pre-defined level, curtains close and the projector switches on. All of this can be programmed from a single button on a lighting keypad or a Control4 user device.

    Control4 also integrates flawlessly with Lutron, Clipsal, iLight and other lighting control brands so if you have an existing Lutron system for example, we can integrate this with a new Control4 system.

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    Control4 Security & Access Control

    A Control4 system can encompass different security systems to ensure that your home is safe and protected at all times. Control4 can integrate with a variety of different CCTV manufacturers and we prefer using Lilin or Dahua CCTV systems. You can view all CCTV camera feeds through the Control4 application on your iPhone/iPad at home or when you are away from the home using a 4Sight remote access license. You can also view the CCTV cameras by using the red button navigator on any TV.

    Control4 also has a range of integration possibilities with Smart Locks such as Yale. This can allow us to personalise the system with individual entrance codes so you can keep track of who has been in your property. Yale have key-less lock options which offer you the option of entering using a dedicated PIN or with an RFID tag system. You can assign temporary access codes for cleaners or subcontractors so access is granted at specific times only. You can set up personalised web alerts so that you know when the kids have arrived home. These are just a few example of the power of a Control4 fully integrated system.

    We can also link together your alarm and your lighting for example, so if you security alarm sounds, the external and ground floor lighting can flash intermittently.

    Control4 Intercom Anywhere

    Control4 offer intercom solutions which integrate with your wider control solution. They have either a ‘Chime’ or ‘DS2′ external intercom panel which has audio and video feeds from your external gate or your front door. You can then add in-wall or portable touchscreens inside the house to allow you to answer the intercom. The touchscreens can also then be used to control any element of your Control4 system. You can also use the system to broadcast a message from one touchscreen to all the rest, or from one room to another.

    When someone rings the video doorbell, crisp, clear video will display on touchscreens throughout the house as well as your mobile device. Then you can choose to accept and communicate, press ignore to send them away, or you can also unlock the door for them, turn on the entryway lights, and lock the door back up once they’re inside. There are custom buttons which appear within the Intercom Anywhere app which can be setup to respond how you desire. For example, tap a ‘Family’ button to let someone you trust into the house. Or a ‘Delivery’ button that only opens the front gate to allow someone to leave a parcel.

    Control4’s Intercom Anywhere solution also allows you to dial into your Control4 touchscreens and be instantly video connected to any room from your mobile device. So if you are desperately trying to contact a member of your family who is not answering their phone there is another way to communicate by calling straight into the touchscreens within the house.


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    Control4 Climate Controls

    A Control4 system can integrate with many different heating and cooling systems to provide you with a single user interface for managing the climate within your home.

    We would recommend placing a number of in-wall or portable touchscreens throughout the property to give you a place to manage the heating and also the air conditioning if required. You can also use your smart phone to adjust the temperature when you are away from the house.

    If you have been away on holiday you can ensure the heating is off whilst you are away and back on again just before you arrive back to ensure energy is not wasted.

    Control4 can also integrate your blinds and curtains so that they roll up and down in time with sun-rise or sun-set. You can also control the curtains whilst you are away and put the house into vacation mode so that lights and curtains open at set times to mimic occupation within the house.

    Experience Smart Home Living With Control4

    Experience the Control4 difference and get the most out of home automation. Smart lighting, smart entertainment, smart security, smart comfort, and so much more!

    • New or existing homes, expansive or just one room; Control4 orchestrates your smart devices to work together.
    • Control all your entertainment and smart devices with one remote.
    • Stream 4K movies in every room.
    • Stream custom playlists and your favourite music throughout the house.

    All your favourite streaming services, from Spotify to Pandora, are included with every Control4 system. It is the ultimate home automation system.

    Surrey AV Solutions is an authorised Control4 dealer.  We are experts in Smart Home Systems and Home Automation.  Get in touch to discuss your next project.

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