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Crestron have been in business for over 40 years and have 57 offices worldwide. They are the leading provider of control and automation systems for residential and commercial properties. Crestron provides the ultimate technology lifestyle. The possibilities are endless, whatever you can imagine Crestron can do.

Why we choose to work with Crestron

We have chosen Crestron due to their relentless pursuit of excellence and their focus on performance and quality in everything they do. As integrators we need to be sure that the core control system is reliable and also flexible. We need to use the Crestron system to integrate and control numerous systems with a wide variety of manufacturers. We need the core equipment such as the processors, remotes and touchscreens to be stable and reliable. With Crestron we are confident that the systems we install today will still be performing reliably in ten years time. This is why we choose Crestron.

How will Crestron enhance your home?

Crestron will provide you with a seamless way in which to control your home using the most innovative technology on the market.

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    Crestron User Interfaces

    Crestron have a wide range of ways in which to control your home. We always recommend a handheld remote control in any TV zone as a direct link to the Crestron system for instant connectivity to the system.

    Crestron have either a TSR-310 colour touchscreen remote or a HR-310 hard buttoned remote option. The TSR-310 is a Wi-Fi connected remote and requires nothing other than a docking station with power for charging and a robust house-wide Wi-Fi network. The HR-310 communicates using Crestron’s proprietary InfiNET technology which requires a number of Gateways to be positioned around the property – in a similar manner to placing Wi-Fi access points.

    We find our clients prefer the simpler HR-310 remote as they quickly learn how to navigate the buttons without the need to look down at a touchscreen. The top 9 buttons can also be custom engraved to suit your exact installation. You can even assign these buttons to scenes which also control lights and blinds for example. Anything is possible with Crestron and we will discuss your requirements with you in depth to ensure you get the most from your system.

    It is also possible to have in-wall touchscreens or portable touchscreens. The current range is the TSW770 series. These are great as a global point of control – you can choose any room and any system from the touchscreen. They are typically used for heating or cooling controls or for answering intercom video calls.

    Multi-Room AV with Crestron Control

    Crestron offer the most advanced multi-room audio and video solution available on the market.

    For multi-room video they have Crestron Digital Media NVX which is a Video over IP solution which surpasses any other on the market. Video over IP utilises the data infrastructure within the property to send the video signals over the IP network. Crestron offer NVX products which operate as either an encoder or a decoder. The same model can be either. They come as boxes which can be installed behind TVs as decoders or cards which can be installed into an NVX chassis which are installed in the AV Rack and act as decoders for the video sources (Sky Q Box for example).

    In 2021 Crestron released the highly awaited NAX as a partner product to NVX. NAX is a next generation Audio over IP multi-room audio solution. Prior to NAX, Crestron produced multi-room amplifiers only to power speakers and create different audio zones. If you wanted content from a streaming service you had to add a streamer like a Sonos Port for example or a Bluesound Node. With NAX they now have built-in streaming added to powerful 8-zone multi-channel amplifiers. This will massively reduce the space needed inside the rack for the audio system and also speed up the programming and the ease in which a system is used and deployed.

    It is now possible to stream straight from Spotify on your phone to the speakers in your kitchen without the need to turn on that zone. The combination of NAX and NVX is exceptionally powerful and you will be guaranteed the highest level of performance with the sleekest user experience.

    Crestron Lighting Control

    Crestron also offer a full range of lighting control solutions from a full panelised system, usually specified as part of a construction project, right through to retrofit solutions.

    If you have a wider Crestron system in place automating other systems in your home, then it is a natural choice to opt for Crestron for your lighting control system so that the lighting is a native part of the programming ecosystem.

    Crestron have a wide range of keypads. Our favourites are the Cameo and the Horizon, both can be seen in our Showroom. These come with many different options of faceplates designed to match your interior design. The buttons will be engraved to ensure that the system is simple to use by any member of the family.

    Crestron also have a full complementary range of automated window treatments such as Roller Blinds, Curtain Tracks, Roman Blinds and more.

    Please contact us for a tour of our Showroom where you can see Crestron Lighting Control in action.

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    Crestron Security & Access Control

    Crestron can natively integrate with Texecom Alarms to provide you with an additional way in which to set or unset your alarm.

    Crestron can also integrate with your CCTV system in a number of ways. It is possible using a Video over IP solution to encode the signal from your CCTV NVR so you can choose to view this from any of the TVs which are part of the Video over IP solution. Alternatively you can add a page to the Crestron app for you to view your CCTV cameras at any time.

    Crestron does not offer its own intercom range – instead it integrates easily with other commonly used IP based systems such as Came BPT or 2N. Crestron touchscreens are placed in logical locations such as hallways or the kitchen so that if someone presses the intercom panel the video feed appears on the touchscreen and you can speak to the person or release a gate for example.

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    Crestron Climate Controls

    Crestron can integrate with your heating controls system or your AC system to provide you with one single point of control. There will be no need to have secondary wall controls for these systems – everything can be operated from the Crestron touchscreens or Crestron application.

    Crestron also have their own heating controls system which can fully control a standard underfloor heating system for example. With single zone or 8-zone thermostats it is possible to add a Crestron heating controls system in place of others such as Heatmiser for example. This simplifies programming and deployment as everything remains within the single Crestron ecosystem.

    Crestron also have remote temperature sensors for the walls and for floors so it is possible to sense the temperature discreetly without the need for additional visible thermostats on the walls.

    Please contact us if you would like us to provide advice in regards to using Crestron for heating or cooling control.

    Crestron Window Treatments

    A Crestron Smart Home system can provide a seamless, user friendly, whole house automation experience which can change the feel of a room or the whole house at the touch of a button.

    Whilst a Crestron Lighting Control system allows you to control the lights within your property, adding Crestron motorised window treatments allows you to combine this with controlling the amount of natural light which enters the property.

    Crestron are known world wide as market leaders in automation and they have made sure that these high standards continue in every element of their window treatment range, from the fabric collections right through to their silent motors.

    The Hartmann & Forbes Fabric Collection for Crestron features handwoven textiles for roller shades created for those who appreciate the benefit of handcrafted products created by artisans with a meticulous eye for detail. The entire collection is made from natural fibres sustainably grown and artfully hand loomed. Crafted with pride and infused with a rich sense of tradition, each custom weave brings a natural warmth, elegance and refinement to any room.

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    Crestron Home or Crestron Custom?

    There are now two different possibilities if you are looking into a Crestron Smart Home Control System for your property. The traditional Crestron ‘Custom’ approach or the new and exciting Crestron ‘Home’ platform.

    Traditionally Crestron has always been programmed by a specialist Crestron CSP programmer and this is why we have always insisted anything is possible. Each page of the app or touchscreen interface is custom designed to suit your needs in terms of layout and colour scheme so therefore technically anything is possible. This approach however only suits a certain number of installations. It is more costly and does require a great deal of time to design and deploy.

    Therefore Crestron have recently released Crestron Home which is a new initiative designed to reduce the amount of time needed to deploy a system and to streamline the end user experience with an app which has been designed in the US by Crestron.

    We are able to deliver both systems to you depending upon the needs of the installation and your requirements as an end user. We have an in-house Crestron CSP programmer with over 28 years of experience so anything is possible.

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