A New Entertainment Installation

We designed a simple new entertainment AV installation that would act as a versatile and exciting system for the whole family. We installed a new 75” Sony LED TV with an Artison L/R Soundbar for enhanced audio from the TV and music via streaming services.

The Artison Soundbar is unique as it comes with a bespoke grille which is made to match the exact width and indents of the TV. We installed Control4 as this was already used in the main house and brought all the systems together in one place for ease of use and control.

We needed to extend the Ruckus WiFi system and network within the main house to the outbuilding as there were no cables in place between the two buildings. The Ruckus WiFi system is ideal for large properties with multiple out buildings and avoids the costs of digging trenches and installing physical cables.

We used a Ruckus P300 point-to-point set which acts as a ‘virtual cable’, extending the WiFi over to the outbuilding where we then installed a new R320 access point. This meant that the client could stay on the same WiFi network as they moved between the two buildings. Seamless integration.


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