Audio & Visual Smart Home Installation

The client is a big music fan who wanted a solution with a rich sound that would fill the room at any volume. The space had a glass back wall and high ceilings in an open plan kitchen and reception area.

Having visited our new showroom, he was impressed by the quality of the Wisdom Audio 2.2 Hi-Fi demo and therefore we replicated this exact installation in his living room. We installed two P2M wall mounted speakers with two matching S10 subwoofers.

The system was powered by an Arcam AVR which was housed in a beautiful piece of clic joinery. The clic was designed to be ready for the addition of a vinyl turntable which we will hopefully be installing soon. The client asked for an Alexa Echo so his children could also benefit from listening to music in this room with simple voice activation.

The room was added to the multi-room Crestron Home system with the ability to choose music via the App or simply Airplay to the zone.

Some fabulous clic furniture also went in the family room; they opted for a Sony OLED TV with an Artison LCR Soundbar. The grille was made to match the exact width of the TV providing a seamless finish. This was a 5.1 surround sound room with Bowers & Wilkins rear speakers and a Velodyne Microvee subwoofer. The clic joinery was made to suit the installation with an integrated fan to remove the heat from the Marantz AVR, acoustic fabric doors to allow the sound to escape from the subwoofer and plenty of cable management possibilities.

There is  a Crestron Home system in place for the whole house with a TSR-310 touchscreen remote for this room.

For the third room we fitted a final piece of clic furniture unit in the top floor loft room. This was a challenging space due to the eaved ceiling but we managed to design a 5.1 surround sound system using a custom Leon Speaker solution. A pair of PrUT-MC Ultra-thin Audiophile side speakers were installed to match the 55” Sony OLED with custom made grilles. We used these to create a phantom centre channel. We then used a pair of Ds33 on-wall rear speakers and an A8-200 ultra-thin subwoofer. The clic unit was customised so that the subwoofer could be installed down-firing through a ‘sub-hole’. The room is powered by an Arcam AVR10 Receiver and controlled using Crestron Home.


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