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As a company we have been working within the ‘Smart Home’ sector since 2006. Over the years we have designed and delivered hundreds of projects and we have a tried & tested process to ensure that each system is specified to meet the exact requirements for each client.

We are frequently asked to join the consultancy team at the very beginning of a project, often at the same time or just after planning permissions have been received. This is by far the best time to speak to us as our scope of works often impacts multiple other aspects of the overall design.

Surrey AV Solutions offer consultancy services which are designed to help get a project to tender stage. We will work with you to scope your requirements in terms of functionality and budget. We will then provide a design pack which includes schematics, power requirements and space requirements based upon the agreed scope. This can then be sent to the chosen contractors who will be tendering the main construction works so it can be included in their costs so the client receives an accurate overall budget for the works.

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Our Consultancy Process


The most important element of any project is the 'Discovery' phase. Asking the right questions to ensure that the system is designed to meet your needs.

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The first step of any client journey is for us to truly understand the requirements for the project.

We often encourage a meeting either at your property, online or at our Showroom where we can get to meet you and understand a bit about you, your family and your lifestyle. We ask a number of questions to understand how you will use your system. For example what content do you watch on TV, how do you get your music, how many people will be living in the property.

We then discuss the property and it is really helpful if you have floor plans. We go room by room to discuss how the rooms will be used and what requirements there might be for music, TVs, and control devices for example. We can also help with larger scope items such as access control, intercoms, coverage to external spaces or outbuildings.

It is important that we pay careful attention to any likes or dislikes or previous positive or negative experiences to ensure that these are taken into account.

We also add our experience and ideas to the discussion, suggestions creative ways in which we have overcome obstacles in the past. This ensure that you are aware as to what might be possible.

We also provide you with detailed, line itemised costs at this time for the system we have discussed. We believe it is incredibly important that the system designed meets your budget requirements. There is little reason to proceed to design a system which is unrealistic in terms of budget. We can help you to value engineer the proposal to a point where you are comfortable proceeding to the next step.



Once the scope has been defined in respect to budget and functionality we then produce a tender design pack.

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At Surrey AV Solutions we have an in-house design team who are responsible for creating the documentation required for your tender pack.


We put together a set of documents which include the following:

  • Overall cabling schematics
  • Power requirements
  • Rack elevations and space requirements
  • Lighting Control circuit schedules
  • Lighting & Blinds panel details
  • Equipment schedules
  • Cable schedule
  • Heat output calcs

These are shared with you via a Dropbox link. We are then available for anyone who has any questions to contact us to discuss the specification further.

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