Intelligent Lighting

A smart lighting control system allows you to have control over each and every lighting circuit within your property. Once a circuit is added to the system you can then control the circuit independently or as part of a group or scene from your Smart Home Control system.

The most common scene used in a house with Lighting Control is an ‘All Off’ function assigned to a keypad by the Entrance Door or next to the Master Bed. With a single touch you can ensure all the lights are switched off before you leave the property or go to bed at night.

Lighting Control is typically implemented during a construction project when the lighting is being cabled by the electricians. If you are opting for a lighting control system the wiring is different to a conventional lighting installation. All the circuits are cabled back to central enclosure locations as opposed to being cabled back to local switches within the rooms.

If you are renovating an existing property and not rewiring the lighting there are still ways in which to implement lighting control retrospectively.

Lutron Lighting Control Solutions

Lighting Control

Lutron are pioneers in smart home technology focussing solely on lighting control and automated window treatments. Create magical experiences in any space with Lutron's smart dimmers, controls, shades, & lighting. Simple solutions for homeowners and professionals.

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Lighting Control

We have been designing, supplying and installing Lutron systems for over 15 years and all our engineers are trained and qualified Lutron programmers.

Lutron Homeworks QSX systems come equipped with a host of enhanced features and capabilities. From smartphone integration to voice control, you’ll experience a level of convenience and control that compliments your lifestyle. Lutron’s wide range of keypads, spanning from the timeless Seetouch to the modern Palladiom and Alisse models allows you to seamlessly blend with your room’s aesthetics, we offer perfect matches using a Focus SB/Palladiom combination, exquisitely designed on bespoke metal plates.

If you’re venturing into the world of smart homes, upgrading your Lutron system is a critical stepTherefore, if you are installing a smart home system like Control4 or Crestron Home then your Lutron system needs to be Homeworks QS or QSX to be integrated (especially if you intend to have Palladiom and Alisse keypads). Ensuring compatibility with other smart devices makes managing your home more streamlined and cohesive.

Lutron are market leaders in smart home lighting control. Anything is possible.

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Improve Wellbeing and Sleep with Lutron's Lighting Control System

Wellbeing and sleep are crucial for maintaining physical health, mental clarity, and overall quality of life. Lutron's innovative lighting system (with their blinds treatments), can create the perfect environment to enhance your wellbeing and sleep. Through a combination of smart technology and thoughtful design we can create an invaluable experience that takes care of your health and comfort in a whole new way.

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Improve Wellbeing and Sleep with Lutron's Lighting Control System

With Lutron lighting, we can create lighting that follows the natural patterns of sunlight. By paying attention to the details such as the amount of light emitted into the room through your windows, and adjusting the brightness of your lighting. These are important factors that can help your body’s internal clock for better sleep, improved mood, and a boost in energy. 

Lutron’s lighting system is all about making things just right for you. You can easily adjust how bright the light is, when it comes on, the warmth of its colour, and even where it shines, making sure your space matches exactly what you need.

Your space can be transformed instantly, from energetic and lively to calming and peaceful. Lutron’s technology sets the stage for relaxation and mindfulness, creating a zone where you can truly unwind.

It’s not just about feeling good – it’s about being productive too. Lutron’s lighting system supports your focus during the day and encourages winding down as the day wraps up, giving a boost to both your health and work. Lutron’s system can do the thinking for you, adjusting your lighting and blinds as the day goes on. The seamless automation creates the perfect atmosphere.

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Retrofit Solutions

Prefer to keep your traditional wiring intact? Lutron offers the perfect remedy with a straightforward transformation achieved by swapping out your regular light switches with intelligent smart keypads.

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Retrofit Solutions

You don’t have to redo your wiring to embrace smart lighting. Thanks to Lutron, converting a conventionally wired lighting setup into a smart lighting system is possible. We offer solutions from three leading manufacturers, ensuring your transition is seamless. 

Lutron’s Ra2 Pico range introduces battery-operated keypads that seamlessly integrate with in-line dimmers and switches, bringing the intelligence of smart lighting to your space. 

Curious about upgrading to smart lighting without rewiring? Let’s explore the possibilities together. Contact us today for a complimentary onsite consultation to uncover the potential of transforming your lighting into a smart solution. 

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Why have a Lighting Control System?

Surrey AV Solutions
Time Saving

Our time is so precious, we believe in finding ways to streamline the repetitive tasks you complete each day to provide you with more time. Leaving the house does not need to include running from room to room switching off lights. You can achieve this with a simple 'All Off' by the front door if you have a lighting control system.

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Scene Setting

You can create scenes with a lighting control system that change the ambience of a property at the touch of a button. An evening scene for example can switch off the main lights, switch on table lamps and bedside lights and lower the blinds or close the curtains throughout the whole house.

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Energy Efficient

Dimming lights by just 10% can produce significant energy savings without even being noticeable. Ensuring lights are switched off when rooms are not in use also saves significant amount of energy. A lighting control system helps you to become more energy efficient at home.

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Better Lighting

The right lighting can bring a room or space to life. If you have invested time and budget into a well planned lighting scheme for your home it is important this is optimised. A lighting control system allows you to set scenes to use your lighting as it was intended.

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Integrated AV Functionality

Your keypads can also be programmed to include AV functions if you have a wider smart home. For example, a 'breakfast' scene could turn on the radio to your favourite station as well as opening the blinds and switching on the lights

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Improved Safety

If you are going on holiday you can activate a 'vacation mode' which would mock your occupation of the house so it appears you are still home. When you are home you can also add external PIRs to trigger events or lights coming on if presence is detected during the night

Our role as Lighting Control Designers

There is sometimes an element of confusion in regards to our role as lighting control designers and implementers. We often work alongside a lighting designer who will be responsible for designing the lighting installation which includes making decisions about the types of light fittings and the circuitry within the rooms. We also work on projects where there is no lighting designer and we are controlling an installation which is already in place in partnership with the electricians or architects.

In either instance, our role as lighting control designers is to control the lighting installation. Therefore we will gather information in regards to how many circuits are in each room and what lights are on each circuit. For example there may be a pendant in the Master Bedroom, along with a circuit of downlights and a 5Amp either side of the bed. We will draw this information together into a lighting control circuit schedule and then discuss how each circuit is to be controlled.

There are 4 main methods to control a circuit of lights – traditional mains dimming (or phase dim), relay (on/off only), 0-10v dimming or Dali dimming. We will cross check the specification of the chosen light fittings to advise in regards to which method of control is preferred.

We will then calculate how many lighting control modules are needed and therefore how many enclosures are needed and how big these will be. We then produce information showing the sizes so spaces can be found for them. We liaise with the electricians so they understand what is required and we detail the keypad wiring topology in our design pack.

We use our years of experience to help cross check keypad placement and circuitry to ensure that no oversights are made and that the system is fully functional and flexible for whatever changes may be requested in the future.

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