Wi-Fi Networks and Data Infrastructure for your Home

Almost any piece of technology you install in your home today is network enabled. That means it can update its own software and deliver new services – if it can connect to the internet.

Even within your home, your AV technology needs to communicate. Whether through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or cabled connections, if you are to enjoy music or video throughout your home, your data network must be up to the task.

That means a well planned and carefully designed data infrastructure is essential in any modern home. Surrey AV Solutions can help you from the earliest stages of the project to ensure your AV installation – and the data network that supports it – form an integral part of your architect’s and builder’s plans.  We can also help retrospectively install a network even if you do not have any cables in place.

Our Approach to Networking

As a company we have chosen Draytek, Cisco and Ruckus as our partners of choice for delivering robust and secure networks.

We use Draytek routers chosen specifically to match your incoming internet connection bandwidth and supplier. We. have chosen Draytek as they are feature-rich, secure, flexible and robust.

If your property has a hard wired data backbone then we would use Cisco network switches to connect the AV equipment and any hard wired data outlets to the network. Cisco switches are also used to power POE devices such as touchscreens, intercom panels and the Ruckus Access Points.

We then add Ruckus as the final ingredient to the perfect network. As a company we have been using Ruckus for over 12 years now and we can count on one hand how many faulty products we have seen during this time. Systems which have been in place for many years remain stable to this day. We have chosen Ruckus because their products are consistent and reliable, whilst outperforming their close competitors by around 2 to 4 times in terms of coverage. They have a huge range of useful features such as ‘self-healing’, ‘interference avoidance’ and ‘bandwidth management’ amongst many more.


How we deploy networks

ISP Cross Check

The first step is to ensure you are receiving the fastest solution from the best provider given your location.

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ISP Cross Check

Checking you are contracted to the correct ISP (Internet Service Provider) is the first step and we can help provide you with a comparison to ensure that you have reviewed all the options available to you.

We have found on many occasions that clients may still be on ADSL connections even though FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) is available at their address.

We will review traditional FTTC solutions alongside Virgin, Hyper-optic for multi-dwelling units and also new solutions such as Starlink for those in rural locations.

If you are looking for an alternative to traditional service providers we can put you in touch with one of our Partners, Bespoke Telecoms who can help provide you with telephone lines and internet connections without the hassle and inconvenience which can occur with larger mainstream providers. Bespoke Telecoms can also assist with individual pricing for dedicated Fibre to the Property solutions if this is of interest, including co-ordination of any external works required to get the cables into place.


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Upgrading Existing Systems

If you are currently struggling with your network coverage in your home, experiencing buffering, dropouts and a lack of coverage, we can help.

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Upgrading Existing Systems

Never before have we needed to be connected as much as we do today. From carrying out work calls via Zoom to on-line schooling, recent times have tested the networking within peoples’ homes to the extreme.

If you have been struggling to stay connected and remain online then there is a high chance your home needs a network overhaul. Other symptoms are issues with Sky Q or Sonos – both of which are very network dependant.

You may already have a hard-wired data network in place. If you do, you would have a single point in your home where the router is located and there will be evidence of a number of data cables coming back to that point. You will then have data points scattered around the house in numerous rooms.

Alternatively you may live in a traditional UK property with a single telephone point in the hallway and no cabling to any of the rooms.

We can help you in either of these situations by providing you with a solution to suit your home. If you do not have cable, Ruckus have access points which can be ‘meshed’ to overcome the infrastructure problems.

As a company we can also help get cables into position with minimal damage if needed to ensure a proportion of the access points are cabled. This will provide you with the best result.

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New Installations

We believe the network is the most important system in a home. The stability and performance of every other system depends upon the network.

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New Installations

When you are at the early stages of your building project we can assist with ensuring that you have a solid data infrastructure as part of the design. We will design and specify the system and liaise with your contractor to ensure the correct cabling gets put in place.

Our current networking designs are based upon a combination of Cat6A cabling and fibre cabling. We are designing 10GB networks in order to prepare for the increase bandwidths and demands on a residential network.

Never before have we streamed more content – be it music or video content using services such as Sky Q and Netflix. The quality and size of this content is increasing with UHD common place now from the main providers. This is set to increase again when 8K becomes more common place. We also predict that Sky Q will soon become only IP based without the need for traditional satellite dishes. This will again increase the demand on your home network.

If you have a blank canvas and you are embarking on a new build or renovation project please contact us and we can ensure you have the right infrastructure in place to support all the technology within your home.

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Domotz Network Monitoring

Real-time network monitoring software to allow us to proactively identify and resolve any issues with your network

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Domotz Network Monitoring

As a company we have used Domotz since 2018 as a core network monitoring solution for all of our aftercare clients. We have since specified Domotz systems on all of our larger projects for the last year and it is a must have for any new project.

The cost for a Domotz Box is just over £100 and then there is a minimal monthly subscription.

The Domotz box maps and then monitors your network, sending us automated alerts if any critical events take place. This has been invaluable to us on so many occasions. For example, being notified that a site had disconnected entirely. This could be because the internet provider has an outage or it could be a power cut. This particular client did not reside in the UK and the house was empty. We contacted them to let them know and they then discovered there had been a power cut and many items such as freezers had been affected. They could then take the necessary steps to get the power back.

Recently another project started to behave erratically with multiple pieces of equipment going on and off the network. We contacted the client and they discovered there was a leak from a tap into the sub-basement where our racks were located.

The Domotz system also tests the network speeds every 10mins so we can cross check expected speeds against actual speeds to detect ISP issues.

For the price, we believe this is an invaluable tool and allows us to provide a 5* reactive service to you at all times.

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Indicative Pricing - if you have data cables

If you have a central location within your property which houses a data cabinet or an AV rack then it is likely you have data cables running from this location to multiple different points within the rooms in your property. These cables may be Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a or even fibre.

If this describes your property then in order to upgrade your network we would add a Draytek router and a Cisco network switch to the cabinet. We may need to re-terminate the cables if this has not been completed correctly or replace the cabinet if it is not big enough or fit for purpose. We would then add Ruckus Wireless Access Points to a number of rooms, dependent upon where the cables are present.

Based upon a 4 bedroom house, over two floors we would expect the costs for a wired and wireless network upgrade to be in the region of £3000 – £3500 + vat. This is based upon a new Draytek router, a new Cisco 26 port switch, 4 x Ruckus R320 Access Points and the labour to survey, preconfigure off-site and deploy onsite.

* Subject to survey – price can vary based upon property floor plan, wall structure, position of existing data outlets, condition of existing data location and terminations

Indicative Pricing - if you have no cables in place

If you have a traditional UK property without any central data cabling then we can also help resolve your connectivity issues. Typically you might have just one cable coming into the property which is connected to your internet providers router. The Wi-Fi range on this will not reach all floors or all rooms.

If this describes your property then in order to upgrade your network we would add a Draytek router and Ruckus R550 Wireless Access points to create a mesh network across your property. The R550 access points require only power although it is recommended where possible to cable a small % of the WAPs for additional stability and an increase in network speeds.

Based upon a 4 bedroom house, over two floors we would expect the costs for a wired and wireless network upgrade to be in the region of £4000 – £4500 + vat. This is based upon a new Draytek router, 4 x Ruckus R550 Access Points and the labour to survey, preconfigure off-site and deploy onsite.

* Subject to survey – price can vary based upon property floor plan, wall structure, potential location of access points. If it is possible to discreetly cable a number of the WAPs either internally or externally we can also price for this 

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