Halogen to LED… upgrade paths!

On the 1st September 2018 the UK Government agreed to an EU Directive which would slowly eliminate the sale of inefficient light bulbs Starting with non-directional halogen lamps,...

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Designing a Smart Home – where to begin?

We have been designing and scoping whole smart home solutions for so many years now that sometimes it is easy to forget just how daunting this can be to those who have limited...

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Choosing an AV company – why choose us?

Why choose you This is a question which we sometimes find ourselves answering when we meet new clients We are one of many AV companies within our area and prospective clients...

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How do I get better Wi-Fi & connectivity at home?

This is probably the most consistent question that we get asked by new clients Covid and Lockdown seems to have brought this to the forefront of everyone's minds Working and...

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Your Smart Home Project – Managing The Budget

Controlling the overall budget for a smart home project, house refurbishment or a new build project is always a challenge When speaking to clients we often hear the battle that...

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